Why use SARS?

SARS is insured and bonded with industry level coverage, the type sought by the major lenders and other institutions. We engage in ongoing training with our agents and employees to ensure compliance with the law and safety for ourselves, your customers and your collateral.

We use professional towing equipment featuring wheel lifts which gently lift your vehicle from the ground by supporting the tires, the way your vehicle was designed to support its weight. We have all the equipment necessary to tow 4×4 and AWD vehicles
without damage. We are fully equipped to handle any situation. For oversized units we can coordinate to have them towed or driven if necessary.

RDN compliant repossession services in arizona

We utilize RDN – Recovery Database Network. If you are a Global client, send us your assignment in RDN, if you are not on RDN we can give you access to send us assignments.

iRepo compliant repossession services in arizona

We also utilize Irepo and the Recovery Connect platform for lenders on that system.v

Our coverage area

SARS is primarily based in Tucson AZ and we work the city on a daily basis locating and recovering collateral through out the city and surrounding area. We also go to outlying areas, an additional mileage charge will apply for those cities and towns in Pima County and neighboring towns.

Please call us at 520-292-1200 for a quote.

repossession services in arizona