Southern Arizona Repossession Services is a locally owned repossession agency staffed with experienced investigators and repossession agents. We’ve been in operation since 2003. We maintain a fleet of trucks and camera cars that run Tucson and surrounding areas 7 days a week daytime and evenings. 

Our repossession agents have been with us for 10 years or longer. Each is well trained and carry many years of experience in safely and effectively operating equipment and towing vehicles to maintain personal safety and effectively secure your vehicles without causing damage or breaching the peace.

In the last few years we’ve seen the influence of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Major lenders, banks and other institutions are responsible to ensure that they know who they are doing business with and how they conduct themselves.

It is critical that the lender obtain verification that their service providers have the necessary insurance, bonding and policies and procedures in place to safeguard their customers, their collateral, and their interests. To that end we commit to act professionally at all times and respect and obey the laws as well as respect regulations that affect our industry  – namely repossessions.

secure impound and repossession services in arizona

We focus on:

  • Safety in the office and the field, between ourselves and those we interact with.
  • Security – data security: discretion when handling your confidential information, safeguarding any personally identifying information.
  • Effective Recoveries utilizing the most current information and thorough investigation as well as the software tools to
  • Damage free recovery – we take extra care to recover your vehicle the proper way
  • Compliance and Training to ensure our employees are fully compliant with FDCPA, GLBA, SCRA, and Bankruptcies. We hold refresher training every year.
DRN users for repossession services in arizona

We are DRN affiliates, we utilize license plate scanning cameras and find many vehicles at locations that were not previously known to our clients. We primarily service the Tucson area and vicinity, but also many of the nearby towns south of Tucson and to the East of Tucson.

SARS provides repossession services for both local and national banks, credit unions, and lending institutions. We are trusted vendors for multiple forwarding companies and investigators and skip service companies. We are regularly inspected by professional vetting companies. So you can be confident that we are compliant and up to date on our training and policies and procedures.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.